Nicole Callaway is an investigative reporter, with a passion for writing and no fear. But months before her family dives headfirst into a grueling presidential campaign, Nicole is kidnapped while on assignment in Jordan. She must face her own fears, her terrorist captors, and the mysterious man she's held captive with. Who can she trust?... Continue Reading →

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#MeToo in a Romance Novel World

It's been a hard few months. We've all been surrounded with stories, memories, and discussions that have brought pain, introspection, and anger. So many of these conversations have been enlightening, freeing, and cathartic. Many of them have also brought to light the darkest parts of ourselves - as survivors, as unknowing abetters, and even as... Continue Reading →

Playlist: American Royalty

As I write and edit my books, there's always a litany of songs flowing through my brain. Sometimes those songs stick with me as perfect accompaniment to a scene or feeling I'm trying to convey. Here's my playlist for American Royalty. It portrays some of the feelings the characters go through, and some of the emotions... Continue Reading →


I'm a little bit obsessed with Instagram. I admit it. I am loving the numbers of readers, writers, booklovers, etc, that I am finding that community. Lately I've been posting imagery from my first novel, American Royalty, as well as bits from my own life. I feel Instagram is a different sort of creative outlet than the... Continue Reading →

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Craving updates from Kate? Sign up for the newsletter here! Today is an odd day for me as an author. One day, a long time ago, I asked myself: "What would happen if Prince Harry married an American?" And, moreover, "What would happen if he fell in love with the daughter of the President?" Well,... Continue Reading →

What’s making me happy lately…

Taking off of NPR's podcast "Pop Culture Happy Hour" and their fabulous segment each week (you should really listen!), here are a few things that are inspiring me of late: The Nerdy Girls Book Club blog - sassy, smart, and sexy The new show on Netflix Alias Grace The Throne of Glass series on my Kindle @SarahJMaas... Continue Reading →

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