American Royalty

Nicole Callaway is an investigative reporter, with a passion for writing and no fear. But months before her family dives headfirst into a grueling presidential campaign, Nicole is kidnapped while on assignment in Jordan. She must face her own fears, her terrorist captors, and the mysterious man she’s held captive with. Who can she trust? How will it affect her father’s political bid? What will the scars and secrets mean if she escapes?


As third in line to the British throne, the Duke of York never expected to fall in love, not truly anyway. He has known duty all his life, and is committed to protecting his family and his grandmother’s legacy. When a lost love comes back into his life, can he convince her that the risk is worth it? Will the media ruin their burgeoning love? Can their relationship withstand the monarchy, the scrutiny, and their own secrets?

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A huge shoutout to Jackie Shepherd ( for the cover design! The first time I saw it – it took my breath away.








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